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Meet the Mental Wellness Counseling Team

Our office is excited to help you find the best counselor for your needs. Mental Wellness Counseling has mental health professionals that can serve clients across the lifespan. Our counselors also serve clients across Michigan through virtual telehealth therapy options. We strive to offer the highest quality counseling across Northern Michigan. We make every effort to help you reach your goals through your therapy experience. Click on the clients profile to learn more about them, their background and their specialty areas.

Lauren Hybza, LPC

Alana Zacharias, LMSW

Bobbi Harding, LLMSW

Jenna Bradfield, LLMSW

Michelle Loeffler-Rohraff, LLMSW

Erika Reinhardt, LPC

Nicole Ball, LMSW

Amanda Gatiss, LMSW

Dani Burmeister LLPC

Jessie Kilpatrick, LLMSW

Christina Walsh, LLMSW

Sarah Madsen, Clinical Intern

Emily Friske, LLMSW

Heidi Burgess, LLMSW

Amy Loeb, LMSW

Marilyn Fitzgerald, Phd, LLP

John Boonstra, LPC

Phillip LaCourse MA. LLP, CAADC, CCS-R

Cari Greiner, LLPC

Alecia Aronson, MA

Theresa Carey, LPC

Emmy Hendry, LLMSW

Julia Nelson, LLPC

Sydney Poineau, LMSW

Rebecca Alsharea, Billing Specialist

Chris Genther, LMSW

Erin Johnson, LMSW

Jeanice Knight-Bogatz, LPC, LMHC, MS, EMDR CT, EMDR CIT, BSP CIT, BSP CT

Jeannine Wilkinson, LMSW

Marney Winfield, LLMSW

Jessica Coles, LPC

Emily Hale, Intake Specialist

Samantha Garcia, LMSW

If you have any questions, please call our Intake Coordinator at 231-714-0282 or complete the form below

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We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries about Mental Wellness Counseling Counselors or Services. Also, if Mental Wellness Counseling has helped you, we’d love to hear your story. Thanks for considering Mental Wellness Counseling | A Northern Michigan Counseling Practice.

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