Is parenting your teen causing conflict?

Parenting teens can be very difficult!

Parenting conflicts with teens is something that most of us have joked about amongst our fellow parents. If you are raising a teen, it’s highly probable that  you’ve wanted to scream, pull your own hair out, or hide in your bedroom from the adolescent drama and ridiculousness. However, there are times when conflict with your teen can escalate to extremes that appear “beyond the norm.” This is when conflict begins to overtake your household. There is no joking about it with other parents anymore! Your household begins to feel like a crisis center with no hope of repair or resolution.

Have you considered counseling with your teen?

If you are a parent who falls into the category of “high conflict” with your teen, then it comes to no surprise that you are here reading about possible solutions. It is beneficial for parents and adolescents to utilize a therapist to help navigate through these conflicts. From these sessions, the hope is that there will be better communication and resolution for the core issues that brought you into our office. A therapist can also provide different parenting methods that may be more effective with your teen, and teach everyone new skills.  

We have qualified therapists here that are able to help.

Parenting adolescents is tough, and we know how helpful it can be to have a third party help navigate the conflict. At mental wellness, we have experience working with core teen issues, various parenting conflicts that can arise, and methods to help hurdle through adolescence. If you are interested in more information, please call our office or fill out our contact information page!