Heidi Burgess, LLMSW

Heidi believes that living a healthy life requires balance. Creating balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences in life allows us to embrace our wholeness as human beings. Finding that balance can be like standing on a stand up paddle board, sometimes life is like a calm inland lake, rocking us gently in the warm sun and a gentle breeze, and sometimes it is like Lake Michigan in a storm, and the best we can do is hold on.
Through her forty year journey in healthcare, first in sports medicine, then as a physical therapist, and now mental health she is uniquely equipped in exploring balance. She understands that the body experiences pain in multiple ways and stores them neurochemically in us. Sometimes we experience that pain physically, other times emotionally, and other times spiritually. And sometimes we need support and direction to reestablish our balance.

Using an eclectic approach we will explore your life experiences through a holistic lens and looking for places where balance is solid, and others that need support. She will support you as you find what’s true for you. Then, with an increased sense of self awareness we are best able to move forward toward balance. She has experience working with athletes, eating disorders, addiction, codependency, childhood trauma affecting both child and parents, suicide, self harm, miscarriage and infertility, grief, chronic pain, chronic illness, adjustment to life after injury, depression, and anxiety. She is best equipped to work with women of all ages,teens, and young adults.

She finds life balance in family, friends, and God, gardening, walking, and learning. She is looking forward to walking with you as you find your balance.

You can reach Heidi by calling 231-714-0282 or e-mailing heidi@mentalwellnesscounseling.com