Amy Loeb, LMSW

I believe in the transformative power of understanding one’s emotional responses in order to create lasting and meaningful change. I hope to provide my clients with a foundation of knowledge to help them understand the mechanisms behind their responses and how, with time and intention, they can be changed. I pride myself on my communication skills and seek to provide objective and relatable feedback that clients find easy to understand and implement. Because of this, I find I work well with clients who value learning as a catalyst for change.
I utilize an eclectic approach that includes psychoeducation (knowledge is power), Polyvagal Theory (nervous-system-specific support & instruction) and Internal Family Systems (self-awareness) to help clients navigate their challenges and find relief. I have completed specific training to support clients who suffer from anxiety or dissociation.
I am trained in EMDR to help clients process past traumatic events. Having started teaching yoga and meditation in 2007, I enjoy introducing beginners to these practices. Additionally, my understanding of the anatomical body also allows me to incorporate somatic (body-based) interventions when they align with the client’s needs.