Chis Genther, LMSW

Chris is a dedicated Mental Health Therapist who believes that we are all experts of our own lives. With a person-centered and evidence-based approach, Chris offers guidance and support to individuals on their life’s journey. Passionate about meeting people where they are, Chris serves as a resource during the tough moments.

Originally from a small town, Chris pursued his passion and obtained a Masters in Social Work. After spending six years in the big city, he returned to his roots in northern Michigan in 2019. When not working, Chris enjoys spending time with his best friend Apollo, a 3-year-old Mini-Goldendoodle, who loves his ZOOMIES. He cherishes his loved ones and values being an uncle to his nephews. When Chris isn’t spending time with his family and friends, you can find him traveling and exploring new places!

Chris specializes in working with adolescents (ages 12+) and has worked with this population in a variety of settings. He has supported youth, ages 12-18, at a youth homeless shelter. As well as, working with youth in hospital, in-person and teletherapy settings. He continues to assist both youth and adults in acute mental health crises in a hospital setting.

Chris’s primary focus is empowering youth and young adults to navigate unexpected life challenges. He is experienced in working through anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, and other trauma-related symptoms.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Chris is passionate about creating a safe space for individuals to embrace their authenticity and step into their power. With a compassionate and inclusive approach, he strives to support clients in living their most authentic lives.